Age: 39 years

District: Dhading

Health Facility: Goganpani Health Post

Years of work experience: 3 years

Favorite thing about her village: ” As a local resident of Goganpani, I am familiar with the community where I have a shared trust with the people. love to work within my own community, especially with the mothers and newborns.”

Why she wants to be an SBA: “Initially I worked as an office support staff in Jiwanpur HP of Dhading for two years. My job was to sterilize the birthing center and assist mothers who came for delivery. While there, I realized that with more training, I could do more for the mothers and newborns. I started to study ANM and am now a permanent ANM of Nepal government and work in Goganpan HP providing services to the mothers and newborns. Because I am not trained SBA, it makes me it difficult to provide quality maternal and neonatal health services. I wish to be trained as an SBA so that I can manage maternal and neonatal health cases on my own. In this month 2 newborns died in my community which makes me so sad. That’s my community and I feel responsible to do all that I can to save them.  People here trust me and  come to me for services but and if I receive SBA training I will finally be able to provide the quality service they deserve.”

About her work:

Average number of ANC visits per month: 10

Average number of deliveries per month: 3

Population served by the birth center: 5,825


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