Age: 22 Years

District: Taplejung

Health Facility: Khejinim Health Post

Years of work experience: 3 years

Favorite thing about her village: ” During the year I have been working my current health post, the people have been very cooperative and friendly, given positive feedback and encouraged me to provide services in best possible ways.”

Why she wants to be an SBA: “Due to unavailability of SBA trained staffs, I have delivered 12 cases this year. Although I have  them well, but I was very conscious about the probable complications. I feel I wish to have the opportunity to attend SBA training to help me become competent in normal delivery and in complication management. Being a Skilled Birth Attendant will empower the community to uplift our service delivery.”

About her work:

Average number of ANC visits per month: 3

Average number of deliveries per month: 1

Population served by the birthing center: 2,434


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