Age: 20 Years

District: Taplejung

Health Facility: Dhungesanghu PHCC

Years of work experience: 6 months at AMDA, 5 months at BPKIHS, Dharan

Favorite thing about her village: “Though I’ve only been here for three months, I already feel at home. The team is highly cooperative and helpful and I’m having a good experience in terms of handling cases.”

Why she wants to be an SBA: “During my college years I was always more comfortable working in the maternity ward as compared to the other areas. After that, I got opportunity to work in this PHCC and learn more about delivery and complication management. I want to take the SBA course to become competent in normal and complicated deliveries.”

About her work:

Average number of ANC visits per month: 1

Average number of deliveries per month: 1 (As an assistant with SBA sister)

Population served by the birthing center: 3,806

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