Age: 24 years

District: Bhojpur

Health Facility: Ghoretar PHC

Years of work experience: 18 months

Favorite thing about her village: “My stay in Ghoretar has been more than a year, but it has felt like a glimpse. It’s all because of the staff of Ghoretar PHC who has motivated me to stay in a place like Bhojpur, which is far more remote than I had expected.”

Why she wants to be an SBA: “SBA training is very important for me as a service provider for Ghoretar PHC.  As a staff nurse, I am not equipped to conduct emergency deliveries, which has made providing the proper service challenging. If I trained to be a SBA, I would be confident to provide these services.”

About her work:

Average number of ANC visits per month: 14

Average number of deliveries per month: 3

Population served by the birth center: 5191


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