Age:23 Years


Health Facility:Mauwa HP

Work Experience: 2.5 years

Quote about the SBA’s favorite thing about her village: “This birthing center is located in my home town of Mauwa. The community supports me and my work to provide maternal and neonatal health services. People here are very friendly.”

Quote about why she wants to become an SBA:  “I didn’t get any opportunity for SBA training till now. I am so much interested to be an SBA trained nurses. Mauwa BC has high institutional delivery rate. I dedicate toward my profession and to serve mothers and neonate. After getting SBA training, I believe that my skills and confident will be increased. The community people is more aware of and consciousness about own health. So they need quality of care from birthing center.I think that making successful deliveries is always an event of joy and happiness. It gives me great feeling when I get connected with the emotion of women becoming mothers. The pregnant women and mother trust on my work.”

About her work:

Average number of ANC visits per month: 9

Average number of deliveries per month: 5

Population served by the birth center: 6552


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