Age: 35 years

District: Okhaldhunga

Health Facility: Thulachhap Health Post

Years of work experience: 11 months

Why she wants to be an SBA: “I find myself less skilled and in short of knowledge regarding many procedures that we were taught roughly while I was pursuing my studies that was around 7 years back, as a result, I have faced many problems while handling the delivery cases and have not been able to provide quality service to the beneficiaries. For example, I do not have tear repair skills, so I have been facing difficulties during such cases. Had I received SBA training I feel it would make a lot of difference in people’s lives here, also, it would make me more capable in providing quality delivery service to all the mothers here.”

About her work:

Average Number of ANC visits/month: 4

Average number of deliveries/ month: 3

Population served by the birthing centre: 3254

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